Mr. Muscle - 2012

"With Twitter"

"Your Generation"

"I Dance"


"I'm Full"


"The Tree is Up"

"New Hat"



"Playing Nativity"

"Rule Number One"



"Future Looks Bright"


"Mr. Data"



"The Old Gods"

"Favorite Movie"


"Money Pit"

"Friend of Yours"


"Don't Jump"

"The Lottery"

"The Early Bird"


"The Future"

"Two Kinds of People"



"Window to the Soul"




"If I Had a Dick"





"The Universe"

"Art Gallery"



"Drawing in Public"

"Pet Peeves"



"When I Grow Up"


"Mixed Background"

"Public Ridicule"

"Crunchy Peanut Butter"

"Raise Your Hand"


"Little People"

"Alright, Internet!"

"Remember When"

"Twitter Friends"

"Slapping Sound"


"Processed Cheese"


"Hacky Sack"

"Crack is Whack"

"Food Journal"

"Famous Cartoonist"

"Beanie Babies"

"Happy Birthday"

"The Burger King"

"Hold That Thought"



"It Doesn't"


"People are Mean"



"Little Dude"

"Weightlifting App"



"I'm Mean"

"The Internet is Gay"

"Beat the Internet"

"You're Fat"