Journey to Mt. Moriah - 2009

"John and Betsy Ross"

"The Traitor"

"Underwater Mystic"

"The Unholy Flowerbed"

"Who's That Kitty in the Window?"

"Ignoring Dharma"

"I'm Hungry"


"Stormy Weather"

"The Power of Prayer"

"Behind Schedule"

"Echo Park"



"Time is a Spineless Thing"


"My First Offering"

"Stage Fright"

"The Ghost of Cartooning"

"Hadley's Chance"

"The Graviton"

"Heavenly Kingdom"

"The Oldest Trick in the Book"

"Read All About It!"

"And They're Off"

"From Grandma"

"The Two Faces of Doctor Galaxy"

"The Battle for Iwo"

"Take Me to Your Leader"

"The Comic Convention"

"Lunch Break"

"Making Love"

"Product Liquidation"

"Stalin's Return"

"More of Stalin's Return"

"The Rescue"


"An Affair to Remember"

"Joey's Brain"


"Some Day Soon"

"Cogito Ergo Sum"

"Trolls Rule"

"The End is Near"

"Don't Tread on Me"

"Basset Hound"

"Sunday Chores"

"Binge and Purge"


"What Might Have Been"