Journey to Mt. Moriah - 2008


"Ready Set Go"


"Shirtless Reflections"

"Night Tremor"

"The Delivery"

"The Sighting"


"Afternoon Snacks"

"The Memorial of Stan Lightning"

"The Economy of Luck"

"Rocking Chair Afternoon"

"Back Pain Afternoon"

"The Love Rainbow"

"Sleepy Bear"

"Somehow Different"

"Monster Balzak"

"I Found Father"

"Goodbye Nose"



"Deer Crossing"

"Killing Fields"


"The Valley of the Flying Ponies"

"Get Your Drink On"


"Back to Work"

"Land of Ideas"

"Gentle Giant"

"A Nod"

"The Abyss"

"Thomas of Cecil 1"

"Thomas of Cecil 2"

"Thomas of Cecil 3"

"Rise and Shine"