Journey to Mt. Moriah - 2006



"Roadside Bombers"

"Goodbye Sweet World"


"Help Desk"

"End of the Rainbow"

"Wednesday Afternoon Apocalypse"

"The Philosopher"

"New Morality"



"Tickle Fight"

"Cover vs. Concealment"

"Black Gold"

"Lab Rats"



"Eagle Eyes"

"Struck Midnight"



"Rocky's Trouble"

"Mt. Moriah"

"Second Coming"

"Kill the Messenger"

"Solar Wars"

"Bruce the Goose"

"Secret Winter"

"Disturbing Calculations"

"Sweet Revenge"


"Repunzel's Fate"

"Become an Activist"

"The Small Things"

"Answers Sought"

"Mr. Right"



"My Song"


"Iraqi Freedom"

"First Kiss"

"Hard Times"

"Skull Full of Pinecones"

"Jenny Crack Whore"

"State Your Name"

"Do You Hear Something?"